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We are always happy to accept applications from new members. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING FEEL FREE TO PHONE OUR SECRETARY JACKIE ROBINSON TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT TO COME ALONG FOR A LOOK ROUND AND TO HAVE A GENERAL CHAT - 07787 840257 you can pick up applications forms at the same time.

Once an application is received it is posted on the club notice board for a period of at least 10 days and then the application will be considered at the next Club Council Meeting.

To apply, you will need to be proposed and seconded by an existing member and call in to meet a few club Council members. However, if you do not know anyone who is a member, you are welcome to come along to the club on several occasions and introduce yourself to some of our Council members who will then I am sure offer to sign your application form for you.

Council members and Officials are usually available on Thursday mornings between 9am and 11am, alternatively, most evenings in the week you will find members on hand. However, if you prefer to arrange a time to call in please feel free to call me on 07787 840 257 and I will be happy to sort a meeting time for you. Our club has many facilities apart from bowling which are shown on the website and our Facebook page.

Once your form is posted on the club notice board you are welcome to use the club facilities until your application is accepted. Once accepted, our treasurer will be in touch informing you of the fee payable (which is a portion of the annual fee depending when in the year you apply)

Subscriptions for 2024 are £61.00 and that covers use of all our facilities

On renewal (January each year) you are then offered a small reduction for early payment. We offer a concessionary reduction for members over 65 once they have had 5 full years of membership.Under 18's are priced at £30. Further details are on the club notice board.

Once again, thank you for your enquiry, and if you have any further questions please get in touch


Jackie Robinson – Club Secretary


Current as at December 2023

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